About the Client

Matchbook are the one of the largest betting exchanges in the world and required a redesign as well as a redevelopment of their site in order to offer customers a high level of usability on their site and to ensure the site attracted new customers.

The Challenge

The challenge in this project was to redesign the site whilst not alienating core users. We were also required to improve the presentation of brand. Finally it was required that the Matchbook team be able to maintain the UI post go-live so that day to day promotions and updating of content could be done internally.

Our Solution

Working closely with the Matchbook team we devised a 6 month roll out strategy for the new UI. The first phase of this would be a refreshed design inside Roxen CMS. We then agreed a 16 point functional improvement strategy that would be released on an iterative basis throughout 2012.

How We Did It

  • Working with the Matchbook.com team
  • Designing templates with new brand elements
  • Incorporating templates into new CMS
Matchbook laptop version

Services Provided

  • Digital Strategy
  • User Experience
  • Design
  • CMS